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Steung Areng is located in the Cardamom Rainforest Landscape, the largest mainland rainforest in Southeast Asia. The area is one of Asia’s seven remaining elephant corridors and is home to the last wild population of Siamese crocodiles and Royal Turtles on earth. The Steung Areng Community-Based Ecotourism Project (STAR-CBET) was established in January 2016 in order to protect this important ecosystem from wildlife poaching and deforestation, while providing an alternative livelihood for the local people through sustainable ecotourism. 
Wildlife Alliance provides technical and financial support for the STAR-CBET project. STAR-CBET operates in full cooperation with local authorities, relevant stakeholders, and relevant government ministries and is widely supported by the local people. It also maintains a tourism license from Department of Tourism and is registered in the Ministry of Interior as an Association.
Located in the Thmar Bang district of Koh Kong province in the southwest province of Cambodia, the Steung Areng Valley has a population of 1,712 people (473 families) within 3 communes - Thmar Dounpov commune, Chomnoap commune, and Brolay commune. Theses communes are comprised of 8 villages - Chomnoap, Koh, Preksvay, Chrork Ruessey, Brolay, Somrong, Toap Kley, and Chomnar.

We the people of Steung Areng aim to make Steung Areng Community-Based Ecotourism successful, respected, and a model of sustainable development in Cambodia and beyond. We the local people will manage and develop the community in cooperation with other development stakeholders to attract tourism and actively take part in natural and cultural resource protection.  This project directly contributes to the improvement of the infrastructure as well as the livelihoods and welfare of the local people. 

STAR-CBET was established for natural resource, cultural resource, and environmental conservation. 
This project is supported and managed by the local community as it creates job opportunities, provides a sustainable alternative income for local people, and directly reduces forest and wildlife crimes. By providing tourism products and services, this project is developing sustainable infrastructure and human resources while protecting Cambodia’s natural heritage for future generations.
•    To protect the natural and cultural resources in Areng Valley
•    To provide alternative jobs to loggers, hunters, and NTFP collectors
•    To empower the local people
•    To improve local livelihoods

Wildlife Alliance
The wilderness of the Steung Areng Valley has been heavily impacted by illegal deforestation and wildlife poaching. In order to directly address the underlying causes of forest destruction and reduce poverty in the local population, Wildlife Alliance implemented Community-Based Ecotourism. STAR-CBET program provides an alternative income source for former loggers and poachers, and equal benefit sharing amongst the community; thereby encouraging the local people to have a stake in the protection of Steung Areng and reducing illegal forest activities in the area. 
Our goals and efforts to become a more sustainable village and protecting the forest are guided and supported by Wildlife Alliance. You can also help support our work through the opportunities offered by Wildlife Alliance, such as making a gift, sponsoring an animal, planting the tree, and much more.