Food & Lodging

Visitor Center

STAR-CBET covers a large area that includes 4 Visitor Centers for tourists: 1 main center and 3 sub-centers. Every Visitor Center is comprised of a CBET restaurant and office, along with facilities for taking a break. It often serves as a meeting place for both visitors and locals alike.
Our Visitor Centers are built with traditional materials such as bamboo, as well as recycled plastic bottles, with a modern style. Both Khmer and English-speaking staff are ready to answer your questions from 7a.m. to 7p.m.

CBET Restaurant

CBET Restaurant
The main community restaurants are located within each one of the Visitor Centers. The restaurants are run by the Steung Areng community, including 34 workers from the local villages. All meals are made from locally-sourced ingredients and are freshly prepared using traditional cooking methods. Vegetarian and vegan dishes can easily be accommodated and if you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please advise our staff so that we can ensure you a delicious and comfortable dining experience.  
Menu in CA-CBET
Normal menu of food:

  • For Breakfast:
  • Rice with pork and Egg
  • Fried rice – vegetable, meat mixed with egg (**can be made vegetarian/vegan on request)
  • Pancakes – served with fruit (**vegetarian only)

For Lunch and Dinner

  • Lok Lak with Beef – traditional Khmer dish of sautéed beef served with rice and salad
  • Fish Soup  –  fish, lemon, lemongrass, onions
  • Chicken soup  – chicken, lemon, lemongrass, onions
  • Grilled chicken (BBQ) – served with rice and green vegetables
  • Grilled beef and vegetable (BBQ) - served with rice and green vegetables
  • Fried mixed vegetables – served with rice (**mixed with oyster sauce but vegetarian on request)
  • Kor Ko  soup – mixed vegetable soup with meat
  • Brohok khtis  – traditional fragrant Khmer dish of coconut cream curry and pork
  • Keng Vegetable  – spicy sour vegetable soup (**can be vegetarian/vegan on request)
  • Keng Jackfruit - spicy sour soup made with jackfruit(**can be vegetarian/vegan on request)
  • Hot fried chicken – served with rice and vegetables
  • Hot fried pork - served with rice and vegetables
  • Hot fried Beef - served with rice and vegetables
  • M’Chou Khmer – traditional Khmer sour soup with morning glory and fish
  • M’Chou Vietnam  – Vietnamese style sour soup with mixed vegetable with chicken, pork, or fish (depends on availability)
  • Fried egg with Pork ) – served with rice

Special food in Areng:

  • Bok Ki  – smoked dry fish, shrimp paste, garlic, lemon, chili, and vegetables served with rice -Suitable for vegetarians


Homestays offer a unique insight into the village daily life and give visitors a chance to connect with local people. Most families have small farms in which they grow rice and vegetables and have buffalos, chickens, and pigs.
Our homestays have solar panels to create electricity, and filters to provide fresh drinking water. All rooms include a bed, a mosquito net, towels, a fan, and flip-flops. Toilets are located in a separate building, and water is also available for washing. Guests might want to bring their own flashlight and toiletries.
Homestays cost $6 per night for one room (2 persons). Many guests like to have dinner with the homestay owner - you can join with them to eat whatever they have for the meal. However, very few of the homestay owners speak English so if you have any special dietary needs please speak directly with STAR-CBET staff who can help make necessary arrangements with the homestay family.


One of the many attractions in Areng Valley is our camping tour which offers another choice of accommodation for visitors. For those who wish to camp, STAR-CBET provides visitors with sleeping mats, tents, pillows, blankets, and other basic necessities. There are many places to enjoy camping in Areng, from deep in the jungle, to the top of the mountain, to the nearby rapids. Enjoy your dinner by a camp fire, prepared by our skillful forest cook, and then wake up to a beautiful sunrise and birdsong for an unforgettable experience.