Booking Form

We strongly recommend making a reservation before your arrival to ensure your accommodation is well-prepared to welcome you, and your activities can be arranged in advance. Please contact us to reserve your first night’s accommodation and your activity wishes. Reservations can then be modified and extended once you have arrived in at STAR-CBET.
In Steung Areng community, we offer two options for visitors:
1.    Package Tour: all activities are arranged by Steung Areng community; prices will depend on the number of people and the length of stay.
2.    Non-Package Tour: the visitor can customize with each activity they’d like to include; prices will be determined on an individual basis.
Contact us to reserve the activities that suit you best!!!
Contact CBET by phone, Email, our Facebook Page, or the Google Booking form to reserve your activity, for more detail information about what STAR-CBET provides for group tours.